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Newcastle Brown Ale
Drawing inspiration from their tagline “The Lighter Side of Dark”, Newcastle Brown Ale erected this billboard in a busy nightlife district of San Diego. This campaign resonated with me for several reasons. Firstly the brilliant creative idea. It is made from 3,000 bottle tops and during the day it appears to be another normal, if somewhat abstract, billboard. 
Then as darkness falls it starts to reveal its true identity. At night, when, lit by a single light source, the 3,000 bottle tops cast a shadow of a man reaching out towards a bottle of Newcastle Brown.

A novel idea and guaranteed to make night time revellers stop, stare and share the experience. I also enjoyed that the billboard, without the use of technology, is actually time relevant to its target audience, by coming to life in the evening.
The final reason I am drawn to this campaign due to its simplicity, and i am always partial to a bit of guerrilla advertising.

It has also been brilliantly amplified with a well produced piece of video content.  Great to watch and easy to share. This has extended the reach of a single billboard to thousands of screens worldwide, for all to enjoy :)

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